Acrylic Sealer

VIVCO-Sealer is an acrylic water-based penetrating primer, used for surface consolidation. Its main role is to be absorbed deeply into the substrate of cement, in order to satisfy the surface absorption. It binds the substrate and the surface and gives a tough base for finishing coats. VIVCO-Sealer can be applied for interior and exterior surfaces (buildings and masonry of cement surfaces). It is applied over new, previously painted or putty coated surfaces. After the surface is sealed, the breathable characteristics of VIVCO-Sealer allow the humidity in the concrete to pass through without peeling. VIVCO-Sealer is supplied in two forms, white and clear.

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Characteristics: Easy to apply Insures inter-coat adhesion Improves the durability of topcoat Environment-friendly Non-flammable and non-toxic   Surface Preparation: Surface should be clean and dry Surface must be free from dust, oils, loose paints, and other contaminants Protect all adjacent surfaces not to be covered Previously painted surfaces should be roughened with sandpaper to achieve expected finishing and coverage   Application: Mix paints thoroughly before use Add 20-30% of water (based on the product quantity) Apply with brush, roller, or spray-gun   Drying Time: Can be touched after 2-4 hours Can be recoated after 6 hours