Our History

Our company has 30 years of technical experience. In 1985, Mr. Ahmad Khalifeh established the Paints Factory. Over the years, the company’s sales team built strong relations with customers covering a very important share in the Paints market due to the production quality, loyalty, and respect.


VIVCO® means the company of life and life is all about colors. The word VIVCO® is a combination of the French spelling of live, “vivre”, and the word company. The animation of the smoke, under the brand’s name, colored using our products’ colors, animates the essence of the slogan “we bring paints to life”. Choosing the right colors will bring your walls to life.

Our Goal

Our goal is to maintain our customers’ trust, expectations, and total satisfaction.

Local Market

Our sales team has located agents all over the Lebanese cities and villages.

The Key to Success

The key to our success is long-term perspective, and perseverance. Renovation and innovation are two major reasons to continuous success.

Our Services

Our mission is to provide professional painting services to homeowners and residential/commercial contractors based upon the principles professionalism, prompt service and integrity in craftsmanship.

Vivco Paints Contracting has completed hundreds of projects in Lebanon. We pride ourselves in providing a simple and easy experience to keep the project on schedule and on budget.

In an extemely competitive marketplace, it is very important that your brand stands out above the rest. With our vibrant color options, unique wallcoverings and coatings, we have everything your business needs to do just that.

Our team takes the time to fully understand the needs and desired outcome of every client. Making absolutely certain that every color and texture, fits our clients vision for their brand, and their budget. We also offer restoration and re-paint services, for all existing commercial structures and homes. No matter the size or level of difficulty, you can rely on Vivco Paints.