UnderCoat Oil-Based

VIVCO-Undercoat is available as an alkyd enamel oil-based or an acrylic water based product. It is used as an intermediate and primer coat to prepare surfaces for application. It is used for interior and exterior surfaces (Cement plaster, masonry of cement, gypsum boards, putty, wood and metal surfaces). It provides a primed surface that insures an excellent inter-coat adhesion for new painting coats. It is applied over old chalky substrates to provide advanced and reinforced base for further coating. VIVCO-Undercoat gives the surface an extremely strong and durable coat, which will perform as the perfect primer-base for any finishing coat.
VIVCO-Undercoat is also supplied as a water-based product.

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Surface Preparation: Surface should be clean and dry Surface must be free from dust, oils, loose paints, and other contaminants Previously painted surfaces should be roughened with sandpaper to achieve expected finishing and coverage   Application: Mix paint thoroughly before use For oil-based: add 20-30{bf97b731cddfade627e302b83901d4aeb6ff16b8f69c29be2855239934a4bc1b} spirit of turpentine (based on the primer quantity) For water-based: add 20-30{bf97b731cddfade627e302b83901d4aeb6ff16b8f69c29be2855239934a4bc1b} of water (based on the primer quantity) Apply with brush, roller, or spray-gun   Drying Time: Can be touched after 2-4 hours Can be recoated after 4-8 hours